Investigation Services


Progress’ leadership has performed surveillance investigations across Canada for over 30 years. While achieving quality results and using resources effectively, Progress consistently acts with the reputation of our clients at the forefront.


Progress pioneered open-source investigations in the insurance industry. Our Toddington-trained investigators are experts in identifying and reporting on information from a wide variety of online sources and ensuring that the evidence is preserved in accordance with the rules of court.


Our experienced team of investigators provides detailed and recorded interviews and statements while maintaining constant client contact, allowing claim decisions to be expedited.

Locates & Skip Tracing

We use our network of resources in jurisdictions across Canada to locate current addresses and contact information for hard to find individuals, whether it be for service, to contact insurance policy beneficiaries, or other court purposes.

Intellectual Property

Our professional team is experienced in collecting and preserving evidence that allows our clients to protect their earned and established brands and trademarks.

Due Diligence

Allow us to assist in your due diligence and background investigation. Progress can conduct open source research, make inquiries and take statements, obtain legal documents and court records, and trace assets.

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