Cybersecurity Services

Data Breach Response & Investigation

Led by cyber security expert Nelson Cartwright, our investigations answer the key questions of a data breach investigation: Did a breach occur? Is the breach contained? What data was compromised? What was the cause of the breach? And did the insured party’s cybersecurity controls meet the standard set within the policy requirements?

Cybersecurity & Data Protection Assessments

Proactive assessment services are critical to ensuring your Cybersecurity and Data Protection Services remain strong and resilient. Our assessment services include a current state assessment which identifies strengths and gaps of our client’s cybersecurity program and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Digital Forensics

We provide law firms and corporations with professional investigative services to resolve business disputes, employment matters, and insurance claims, and assist in litigation, through fact-finding and critical analysis.

Expert Witness

Our experienced and certified Expert Witnesses can transform the vast array of digital evidence into compelling testimony about what transpired using non-technical and understandable language.

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